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Benedict Cumberbatch, John Malkovich, Peter Stormare, Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, Christopher Knights

The penguins from the Madagascar series of films are back in their own adventure. Rescuing a baby penguin and being chased by seals, the penguins run into an evil genius named Dr. Octavius Brine but who is really old friend octopus Dave who is out to destroy the world as we know it, starting by capturing all the penguins in all the zoos of the world to turn them into monsters. The penguins have to team up with an elite fighting force, The North Wind, to try to fight the evil genius.

I have not been wildly amazed at Dreamworks films lately. I was not a huge fan of the whole Madagascar series. So when this film came out, I did not expect too much. I didn’t take my Grandkids (all 10 of them) to see this in the theater as I didn’t expect much. Now, I’m sorely disappointed that I did not. Just released this week, the Penguins of Madagascar really impressed me very much. The humor was great. Though it’s a very Despicable Me type film (and many, many others with the evil genius setting out for revenge), it was really well done. The characters were very well developed which is difficult when you must take a couple lovable sidekick characters and turn them into leads, and these kind of spin offs usually don’t turn out well. But I feel like this one really did. The smooth and efficient North Wind were hysterical and a great addition to the film. My grandkids would have loved seeing this on the big screen. The characters are fun, the humor is real, and the adventure is exciting. Several chases are outstanding and very exciting. All in all this animated adventure knocks it out of the park. If you have kids, watch it with them. If you love animation, make sure you see this movie. And don’t forget the Cheezy Dibbles.

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