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Dustin Milligan, Amanda Crew, Richard de Klerk, Alexia Fast, Gabrielle Rose, Hrothgar Mathews, Benjamin Ratner, Tom Scholte, Michael Adamthwaite, Manoj Sood

Three drug addicts are incarcerated at a rehab facility where things are not going very well. On a Wednesday, they take off on a day pass, to run their separate errands, but they keep crossing paths and things turn really ugly. That night, the three of them are victims of a shock, and when they wake up in the morning, they find that it’s Wednesday again, and all the same things are happening. Stunned, they try to recreate the date, but the following morning find it again the same day. As they are reliving the same day over and over again, they, at first, go for the fun of it all, and act like the jerks they really are, but as it repeats over and over again, the fun wears off and they have to try to figure out what they really want to learn from the experience.

Once upon a time there were thousands of heartwarming Christmas movies, and then one that came out about an evil Santa who breaks into the sorority house and starts murdering the girls one after another on Christmas Eve. Well, there are a bunch of “Groundhog Day” type movies where the guy or girl lives the same day over and over until they are able to figure out the right way to make it a perfect day, and they can move on. This is the same premise, but turned dark, like the first example. This is a nasty bunch of people. They don’t seem to have any morals at all, and are unblinkingly evil. This is a story of redemption, at least a little bit, but it’s also about how bad these people can get. This is a very graphic horror story of epic proportions. But it’s a decent twist on the “live it over till you figure out the secret” genre. If you can handle the inmates of the insane asylum without going insane yourself, this is a dark movie that will keep you tuned in. Perhaps the crimes didn’t have to be quite so graphic, but for sure you won’t get bored. It always kept me guessing, and the ending was worth the wait. This is a twisted little film!

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