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Richard Tillman, Jessie Ward, Brionne Davis, Graham Norris, Joey Mendicino, Julie Mond, Diane Salinger, Michael Childers

One year has passed since Jesse and Nicole have disappeared without a trace. Jess’s Brother Corporal Tom Hilts (Richard Tillman) has just returned from overseas to his hometown in Argyle, Texas for a ten day leave, and his plan is to set out and find his brother Jesse. He heads out with his girlfriend Marilyn (Jessie Ward) and a friend Jared (Graham Norris). With no clue where they might be, lucky for them he stops at a dilapidated old gasoline station and the clerk remembers Jesse and Nicole and remembered that they said they were taking the old road. As they end up stopping in the same rest area, they run across a really strange family with evil on their minds, and the same driver in the same yellow truck. As the boys are busy defending themselves, Marilyn keeps seeing things which may be the ghost of Nicole. Supernatural forces certainly are in play here, and the rest stop is a great place to avoid at all costs. The horror is not over just yet.

Don’t Look Back gives us the whole back story of who the man in the truck is, and tells us what the family in the camper are really up to. Told in both current time, and flash back, we see what happened to everyone involved, and this answers all of our questions from the last movie. But it’s much better done than the original. The budget must be much bigger now, and the whole thing is shinier and even scarier than the original 2006 film. It has a little more naughty stuff, and a little more blood and guts, but it is just as creepy and horrifying as the original, and maybe ratchets it up a notch. This film, just like the first one, is the stuff nightmares are made of. Imagine yourself trying to walk in the dark into a roadside rest area after watching this film. This will do for rest areas what Jaws did for the beach!

Truly a well done horrifying little film that surprised me with it’s quality. Both films are really scary, and I highly recommend watching them both!

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