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Haley Joel Osment, Lorenza Izzo, Chris Williams, Glen Powell, Matt Walsh, Retta, Abby Elliott, Castille Landon, Lamorne Morris

Ed Cole is a teacher. He’s struggling to find a position though, as there are no jobs available. The only position he could get is to monitor the students who are put into detention, and as it’s an inner city type school, the kids there are a bit troubled. When a girl asks to go to the rest room, and then returns in a panic thinking she’s dying from a condition she was not prepared for, Ed thinks perhaps the kids really need to have someone teach them the things that they are ashamed to ask their parents about. So Ed begins a Sex Ed class where any question is open for discussion. But when Reverend Hamilton, father of one of the students who was in the class finds out about it, he complains to the school board about the unauthorized class being taught without parental consent. So Ed has to defend his work, but perhaps he’s the worst one to teach the class since he has no personal experience at all on the subject.

This is a comedy that is right out of the liberal vs. conservative arguments today about what schools should and not be teaching. But it’s also like an episode of “Where are they now” as many of us haven’t seen Haley Joel Osment since he saw dead people in Sixth Sense. He’s here, and he’s grown up into a very strapping gentleman and is a good actor. The film is mostly funny, but there’s a mix of romance as his roommate is a raunchy devil who seems insistent that Ed lower his standards for “the perfect girl” just to build his confidence, but of course about this time he meets the girl of his dreams who is already taken. The movie is a bit raunchy, and is Non-Rated, and it’s also rarely heard of, but it is currently streaming on Netflix and may be around in some other venues. It’s got a real message, and has some “redeeming qualities”, but is also filled with humor and jokes, and is certainly not boring. Certainly this is not going to be a popular film, but it’s not all that bad. It’s well constructed and not too bad.


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