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Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, Julie Andrews, Jack Hamm, John Clese, Craig Robinson, Wald Dohrn, Jane Lynch, Lake Bell, Kathy Griffin, Mary Kay Place

At all cost, continue the franchise!!! We get a new look at the origin of Shrek. We all know Shrek saved Fiona and broke the curse turning her into an ogre full time. But what if he didn’t? We see how King and Queen nearly gave away Faraway and how Shrek arrived at the nick of time. But then it flashes forward to the present, and Shrek is tired of his life as a friendly ogre. He wonders what it would be like to go back to when ogre’s were feared and life was simple. Shrek makes a deal to trade one day from his past to live a day as a bad ogre again. Unfortunately it’s a trick and Shrek is caught in an alternate reality where no one knows him, not even Fiona or Donkey, and his family does not exist. Shrek has to win Fiona back again, and try to put things right.

This is a film that didn’t have to be made. However, fans of the Shrek series will like it, and the kids will love it. It does give us some background into the story and it is fun to see the characters we all know again. It also introduces us to one of the most annoying characters ever, Rumple Stiltskin. Rumple is really annoying. He’s trying to make deals with everyone and eventually tricks Shrek into signing away his life. The animation is good. The characters are good. So what’s wrong with this picture? Well, I guess it’s not anything new. We’ve seen it all before many times over. This film is better than the last one, but not great. Rumple was in one of the previous Shrek films, but not this one. This one is completely redesigned and is very bothersome. He’s supposed to be a bad guy, but Shrek can reach out and smash this guy with one hit.

So, my opinion is somewhere in the middle. There’s nothing wrong with Shrek Forever After, it’s just that it’s nothing new. If you’re a Shrek fan, or a Mike Myers or Cameron Diaz (or even Eddie Murphy) fan, ok. Kids will like it. So it’s a harmless cartoon that doesn’t hurt anybody. But don’t expect to be blown away with something you don’t already know.

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