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Cameron Goodman, Peyton List, Tony Curran, Cullen Douglas, Dave Power, James Snyder, Tom Kemp, James Rye, Jackie Cowls, Roy Souza

Two girls are returning from a vacation in Mexico, but arrive in Los Angeles in the middle of the night. With no way to get home, they decide the best way is to share a ride on a shuttle. Bad choice. Two frat boys offer to share the ride, plus one nervous accountant. The driver pulls off the highway onto side streets to “avoid traffic” and suddenly they’re on the ride from hell with the psychotic driver. He won’t let them escape without dire consequences, but what he wants is hard to tell. This is a roller-coaster ride from start to end.

This is a late night cable type horror film that is actually not too bad. The actors are unknown, but they do a very good job. The tension is tremendous, and it’s suspenseful from beginning to end with no let up. The guy who plays the driver is really creepy. And they’re not two whiny girls, this times, but some chicks with some guts. When people are pushed too hard, they tend to either give up or fight back. These guys fight back! This is a surprising good “B” film, and one that’s well worth watching if you like mystery and suspense mixed in with your horror. I enjoyed it. The tables are turned so many times, it’ll make your head spin, but it never lets up. This is one of those hidden gems that are very hard to find.

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Movie Review - Shuttle (2008) {R}, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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