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Anne Hathaway, Johnny Flynn, Mary Steenburgen, Ben Rosenfield, Lola Kirke, Paul Whitty, Dan Deacon

Fanny (Anne Hathaway) is estranged from her family, busy with her career and with her own life. But she returns home when her brother Henry (Ben Rosenfield) is in an accident and ends up in the hospital in a coma. Fanny stays beside him day after day hoping for a sign of recovery. Her brother was into music and his favorite artist was James Forrester (Johnny Flynn) who is at the crossroads of his career and on the brink of taking off. Fanny decides to go meet James, and brings a book of song lyrics that her brother had written and asks James to put some of the lyrics to music, and hires him to come and play the songs at the hospital. Franny and James are not alike very much, but they hit it off and find they are strangely attracted to each other.

There is one word to describe this film. Anne Hathaway. This young “Princess Diaries” star has become one hell of an actress. Her performance in this movie pulls it out of the gutter and turns it in to an enjoyable film. They were certainly lucky to cast her in this role. Secondly, the music, of course, is a major player in this movie as well. It is dark and sad, but becomes hopeful as Fanny and James learn much about life from each other. It is a pretty decent drama that has a lot going for it. This was not a blockbuster film, and won’t make anyone’s best films of 2014 list, most likely, but is very worth taking a look at. It was a pleasure to watch the performances, both acting and musical, and if you’re a fan of the quirky independent Brooklyn music scene, this is a big plus for the film. I would say take a chance on it, and you might find it an enjoyable time.

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