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Juhan Ulfsak, Jefferson Hall, Ivo Uukkivi, Andrew Howard, John David Washington, Rich Ceraulo Ko, Jonathan Camp, Wes Chatham, Sander Rebane, Martin Donovan, Clémence Poésy, Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson

Well, the Russians are trying to start World War III, and a really mysterious agent called “The Protagonist” is recruited by the CIA types to stop them. But this is a world beyond the limits of time, as we know it, so he is able to travel forward and backward through time. Now it’s not as simple as time travel, as if you jump ahead, you will arrive after events happened, but will be moving backwards until you meet the others traveling though time the other way. This is a science fiction, spy, time travel movie that is very well constructed, but very difficult to follow.

I was anxious to see this film after all the hype about this big block buster film, the first “big” one after the pandemic, but it didn’t work for me. I was deeply disappointed by this movie, but it’s hard to put into words why. This is basically because I couldn’t follow it well enough to tell who was who, and who was going in what direction. The team divides up into two groups one going ahead and coming backward, and one going forward, and they look alike and are dressed alike, and when the film is over, all I could say was “That was exciting, but I have no idea what I just watched.” I read that this film did very well in internationally, but when we was it our theater was really empty. I mean there were like 4 of us in the whole theater. Now if you really liked Inception, then you might enjoy this one, as I wasn’t blown away by Inception either, much for the same reasons. There are a bunch of rules for the time issue, and I’m not sure any of it makes any real sense for me, so I tended to find it annoying instead of fascinating. I normally am a big fan of science fiction/time travel films, but this just didn’t cut it for me. I did not really enjoy this film, and I don’t recommend it, unless you really like films which bend the rules and have the really far out scenarios that break your mind. I guess I was more in a mood to be entertained, and this was certainly not that!

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