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Michael Madsen, David James Elliott, Jeff Fahey, Heather Marie Marsden, Andrew Sensenig, Lacey Minchew, Matt Triplett

Don (David James Elliott) and Nancy (Heather Marsden) are driving along a lonely road way out in the middle of nowhere. They obviously are not getting along very well, when suddenly they are hit by a car, twice! Stranded out along the road, they’re lucky that sheriff Cleveland comes along, but that suddenly turns to disappointment as the sheriff has a really bad attitude and obvious has some issues. He drives them to the low budget Motel Royal vista to wait for the morning to get back their car. Suddenly they are disturbed by screams coming from the room next door, and as Don tries to find out what is going on, they soon find they are in the middle of a very sick game, and they may not live through the night. Of course, that may be the plan.

This is a horror film that is built on a familiar premise that is taken to another level. But unfortunately the movie, which starts up with a good premise to scare the heck out of us, is plagued by really awful editing. The movie jumps around like a Lady Gaga video, and you can hardly follow the story. The acting is really wooden, and the bad guys are so ridiculous that nobody is going to believe this. It’s so hard to follow, that you may think they mixed up the clips when splicing this thing together. There are other Motel Hell type movies (including Motel Hell) which are better done than this, and even those are pretty bad, but this one is really bad.

Skip it.

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