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Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis, Jason Sudeikis, Dan Aykroyd, Dylan McDermott, John Lithgow, Brian Cox, Sarah Baker, Katherine LaNasa, Scott A. Martin, Thomas Middleditch

Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) is the incumbent Congressman from North Carolina and sure for reelection as he’s running unopposed. That is until he makes a stupid phone call and the crooks that own him decide to replace him with Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis). What follows is a mud slinging dirty tricks campaign with no holds barred in this comedy about dirty politics and a lack of morals.

This is certainly not one of Will Ferrell’s funniest movies, but it’s not too bad. I can see why this film did not tear up the box office, but it has it’s really funny moments. By far, the funniest character is Zach’s Marty Huggins. I literally watched the whole movie without even realizing who it was until I saw the final credits. I knew I had seen the guy before, but this is such a weird character, that it’s really hard to realize who it actually is. Then with the likes of Dan Aykroyd, John Lithgow, and Jason Sudekis, there are a slew of great actors doing their best. All in all, it’s a comedy with some heart, and even though it’s a bit over the top from time to time, and certainly is somewhat graphic, still it has a lot of heart and a really good message along with the hoots and hollers. I really hope people will give this film a shot on video, as it’s well worth the rental, even though it was not really worth spending $13.00 on a theater ticket. I really feel there’s enough humor here to make it well worth the rental. I recommend it for those of us who love the raunchy comedies, even if just for Galifianakis’s amazing character.

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