Prettybird, Post Empire Films, Sodium Fox,

Lindsay Lohan, James Deen, Gus Van Sant, Nolan Gerard Funk, Amanda Brooks, Tenille Houston, Victor of Aquitaine, Jarod Einsohn, Lauren Schacher, Philip Pavel, Alex Ashbaugh

Tara (Lindsey Lohan) is married to Christian (James Deen) in a rather screwed up marriage. Christian has a trust fund, so he dabbles in making films as a condition of keeping his income. Tara has an affair with the lead in Christians newest movie, as Christian’s behavior just gets more and more bizarre, mean and violent until in the end it comes to an extremely bloody climax in one act of extreme violence.

This film is advertised as an erotic thriller, but it’s not much of either. This is kind of a disaster more than anything. In fact, it was rejected by the Sundance Film Festival. The budget was $250 thousand, and the opening weekend this film raked in a whopping $13,000. All in all, the US run brought in less than 50K. Many critics credit Lindsay Lohan as the only bright point in this film. In fact, in several scenes with a lot of emotion, Lindsey does do a pretty good job. But through the rest of the film, they just talk and talk and talk and this could put just about anyone to sleep. Lindsay’s assets are on display throughout the movie, but that’s not a plus. She’s in pretty bad shape, and for the most part it’s rather depressing to see where this poor girl has gone. She’s definitely had some hard years recently. Basically this movie if a big disappointment, and doesn’t really have much going for it. Granted it’s a tiny budget with a tiny return, but still, throwing money after such a bad script, and worthless characters, this movie is about as bad as whatever the character Christian would have turned out. This is a good movie to pass right by.

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