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Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, Craig T. Nelson, Maria Bello, Rosemarie DeWitt, John Doman, Tonye Patano, Cady Huffman

The Company Men is the story of corporate downsizing and primarily the effect on three families. Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck) is an up and comer who bases his self worth on his success in his job. He’s a bit cocky and certainly lives a “perfect” life, but quite a bit extravagant. It hits him very hard when he is certain it will only be days before he finds a new job, only to learn that there are new MBA graduates every year willing to work for much less than he was making. Jack Dolan (Kevin Costner) is his brother-in-law who wants to help, but he’s a blue collar construction guy with little in common but a sarcastic and bitter attitude toward Bobby who he thinks has never worked a day in his life. Gene McClary (Tommy Lee Jones) is one of the original founders of the corporation, and his defense of decency and fairness causes him to be on the outside looking in too, as well as Phil Woodward (Chris Cooper) who is nearing 60 and deep in debt providing the fine life for his kids in college and finding it impossible to survive and find new work at his age. All in all, this is a sad film about an aspect of modern life that has touched everyone in these times.

This is a film that will hit home to a lot of people. It’s very sad, and very true I’m afraid. We all know someone from this film. The way each one of the characters handles it is different and some do better than others. It’s sad to see Bobby enter into the company paid “resume writing, find your next job” seminar as a cocky smart-alec who thinks he’ll be out in a couple days, and then the weeks and months drag on and on. Maria Bello plays Bobby’s wife and is a strong support system for him. That helps very much in a situation this bad. This is a very well acted film, and I think this is one of Affleck’s best performances. All the others are great too, especially Tommy Lee Jones as a very disappointed man with virtue and values watching the jackals devouring his life’s work for their own profits. I really enjoyed the story. It’s direct and too the point, and not too preachy. Each of the characters are what they are, and nothing more. I think this was one of those hidden gems that got overlooked in the theater, and maybe will do better in the DVD market. It’s a worthwhile story with a lot to think about. I enjoyed this story very much.

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