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Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly, Winona Ryder, Channing Tatum, Queen Latifah, Clint Howard

Ronny Valentine(Vince Vaughn) and Nick Brannen (Kevin James) have been best friends since college days. They run a small independent auto shop where they’re working on an add-on for an electric car to give it the big roar and vibration of the muscle cars. They’ve won a chance to talk to GM about this and this looks like the big break they’ve been looking for. But something happens that threatens everything. Ronny sees Nick’s wife kissing someone else. Should he tell? What will happen if he does? This is the dilemma that faces a lot of friends. The old, “kill the messenger” routine. This gets a lot fouled up before everything comes to a head. Will Nick and Ronny survive? That’s the dilemma.

The Dilemma is a pretty funny movie. But parts of it are tragic. We know that Ronny has his issues, and he seems to think it’s his job to resolve everything himself. We think the problem will be that he witnessed something and jumped to a funny conclusion, but this is not the way the movie goes. Who has the biggest issues after all? Well, I guess everyone does. It’s a very deep film in addressing the goodness and the deficiencies in all the characters. These people are human. Vince Vaughn plays it for yucks the way he always does, but he pulls of the sad eyed little boy very well too. This is a similar role to “Chuck and Larry” for Kevin James as well, the goodhearted nice guy who gets the worst of it. Many folks felt Jennifer Connelly’s role is way beneath her talent, but I don’t think so. She is one of the key cornerstones of the film and without her character for Vince to play off of, it would have turned out a lot weaker. If anyone is miscast in this pic, it would be Winona Ryder, but I think she did a pretty good job with it, and deserves credit for making the bad guy still likable. All in all, this is a nice date night out movie. I think both men and women will like it. There’s enough romance and relationship issues for the ladies, and the men will like the pratfalls, sticky situations Vince finds himself in, and of course some sweet cars!!! Basically I think this has something for all the adults, and I thought it was a really fun romantic comedy.

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