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Gabriel Iglesias, Jacqueline Obradors, Eddie Sotelo, Jeremy Ray Valdez, Ron White, Ray William Johnson, Tommy Chong, Julio César Chávez, Martin Moreno

Gabriel Iglesias, Hispanic comic sensation who often is mistaken for a Pacific Islander because of his size and the shirts he chooses to wear is doing his stand up show, filmed over two days in San Jose, California. Fluffy tells us stories that are really sincere, and then hits us with belly laugh after belly laugh as he performs his show to an adoring audience.

Gabriel has shown up in cameo and bit parts in a number of comedies lately, but mostly he’s well knows as a former West Coast, but now World Wide standup comedian. But he’s not by any means a joke teller, he’s a story teller. He has a funny look at life, and what must be much dismay to his family, he tells it like it is. With long bits about his weight, and recent weight loss, an update on his step son who is a child of technology and can’t seem to communicate with his Dad so well, to his troubles with the law and with his friends who inspire him to get into trouble, Fluffy tells us story after story that never gets tiring. I really enjoy this guy, and I think he’s one of the funniest guys out there. Certainly with his different point of view and experience, he’s not a blue comic and his shows are very PG-13, perhaps a little much for tiny tykes, but certainly age appropriate for anyone over the recommended 13, Gabriel is a clean comic who knows how to tell deeply personal stories without turning vulgar. This is a great introduction to Gabriel Iglesias, and whether you’ve seen him before or not, this is one standup movie you should watch.

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