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Abigail Spencer, Chad Michael Murray, Katee Sackhoff, Emily Alyn Lind, Cicely Tyson, Andrea Frankle, Brad James, Lance E. Nichols

This story, based on the real life Wyrick family, is about a little girl who was born with a veil, allowing her to have psychic powers. Like her mother and grandmother, the women in the family are very sensitive to spirits. Shortly after moving into their historic old house, young Heidi begins to see an old man she calls Mr. Gordy, who warns her that something bad is coming. It turns out that the house has a history, and that history is coming back to bite them in a bad way.

This is a highly fictional story based on a real life family of psychics. There is a special feature on the DVD with an interview with the family and they tell the real story. But this movie is a horror ride into hell, literally. It’s got great sound, good scares, and real terror. It follows the typical story of the child who knows the truth, but nobody will believe her, but she turns it around and it’s a really funny scene. Abigail Spencer, as Heidi, does a really great job in this film. She carries the film and is a heck of an actress. Another special feature on the CD is a few outtakes from the film, and one of these with Abigail shows how really professional this kid is. She is the true star. But the rest of the cast is pretty decent too. Cicely Tyson has one small scene, but she’s really a great add to the story. If you’re a fan of horror, this is a pretty decent rental film, and well worth watching.

There are a few rather big plot holes that I can’t quite figure out, but I haven’t watched the deleted scenes yet, so it may be that some of them are answered in the scenes that were cut. For one thing, Dad brings Heidi home a dog to protect the family, and he’s really good at letting us know when someone bad is about to appear. But Heidi ends up missing, and the whole family are out searching for her. Where’s the dog? Nowhere to be seen. Now he could probably locate her in a few seconds, but Chief is nowhere to be found. Then suddenly in the end, he’s back again, just when he’s needed for another plot point. That’s kind of silly not to use the dog, but I guess we can overlook that. But in the end, it’s a creepy story with plenty of ghosts and demons and moments that will make you jump for sure. Not worth a lot of money to see in the theater, but well worth a rental on DVD.

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