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Jean-Claude Donda, Eilidh Rankin, Duncan MacNeil, Raymond Mearns, James T. Muir, Tom Urie, Paul Bandey

The Illusionist (not to be confused with the Jim Norton one, this one is an animated film from France) is a story about an aging magician, Tatischeff (Jean-Claude Donda) who works his way from job to job as his career is declining and he’s been replaced by rock bands and the like. He keeps taking jobs at smaller and more feeble venues, until finally he meets Alice (Eilidh Rankin), a young girl who believes that he is really magic. He takes her in and raises her as his own, and hides from her the troubles that he encounters. Feeding her belief in him may be the financial undoing of him altogether.

This is a charming story. It’s animated, but it’s animated for grown ups, not little kids. This is a very touching story of a very lonely man, and his caring for a little girl who needs him and admires him. There are very sad parts, and very heart wrenching parts. The animation is very detailed, and very cartoon-y. There is hardly any dialog, and the story is told through the animation and the expression that is drawn is a way that is easy to understand. I rated this film very high because of the powerful story and the excellent way it’s shared via animation only. This is an example of what a fantastic animated film can look like. It was nominated as best animated film of the year, and it couldn’t stand up against “Toy Story 3“, but it’s a completely different kind of story. The emotion that this film brings out in such a simple story is as amazing at the emotion TS3 can bring up in very expensive and complicated ways. This is a simple little film, but is very, very powerful. I completely enjoyed watching this, and consider it very good. I would definitely compare this to UP!, not in a technological way, but in the feel of the story.

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Movie Review - The Illusionist (L'Illusionniste) (2010) {PG}, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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