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Emile Hirsch, Stephen Dorff, Dakota Fanning, Kris Kristofferson, Joshua Leonard, Noah Harpster, Garrett Backstrom, Andrew Lee, Nancy Youngblut, Jenica Bergere, Oren Skoog

Frank Lee (Emile Hirsch) and Jerry Lee (Stephen Dorff) are brothers. They swear an oath to their dying mother that they will stick together and take care of each other, so when one brother accidentally kills someone in a hit and run accident and completely freaks out, the brothers take to the road and hide out from the cops, try to score some cash, and basically waste their lives without a care or a clue.

Sometimes when you watch the new releases and find the obscure movies that no one has ever heard of, you find a hidden gem. This is not one of those. I guess it makes sense when you’re searching for gold occasionally you’re going to find a bad one. This film has it’s cult following. The actors are not all that bad, but the story is pointless and doesn’t go anywhere. These guys must be stupider than the Dumb and Dumber guys. Dakota Fanning is back in this proving that she can still get a movie, even if it’s an awful one. I don’t know what has happened to Kris Krisofferson. He just randomly appears every now in then in a small role in a forgotten picture, I guess to let us know he’s still alive. It’s like every now and then he wakes up on a random morning and thinks it’s time to make another movie, then drives over to the studio and asks, “What are you guys making today?”. I have no idea why he’s in this picture. Nothing to see here, folks. Just move along. What a waste of time. Don’t bother with this clunker.

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