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Penelope Wilton, David Strathairn, Judi Dench, Celia Imrie, Ronald Pickup, Maggie Smith, Dev Patel, Bill Nighy, Richard Gere

Time has passed since “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” (2011) and Sonny (Dev Patel) the young entrepreneurial owner and manager of the hotel has big plans. Engaged now, and planning to expand the hotel with a second property he heads out to the U.S. to talk with some hopeful business partners. They are sending a secret inspector to visit the hotel before they make their decision, so Sonny is going crazy trying to figure out who this inspector is and how to impress him. Meanwhile, the residents from before are still there and are partners in running the hotel, although they have many side issues going on, and everyone is very busy. This fitting sequel to the original brings back the familiar characters and adds a few more for good measure.

The original was certain a surprise hidden gem of a movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and though I had never heard of it before, I was really impressed with the characters. Basically the first movie was about senior citizens from Britain who lost everything, and went to India answering an ad about this amazing retirement hotel which wasn’t exactly as promised. A lot of the humor of the first movie brought to our attention the problems with trying to settle in India and the issues that caused. We became very familiar with the characters in the original and got to know their quirks and character. This sequel is very different because now we are already familiar with the characters, so we don’t need to become acquainted with them in this film. Additionally, the issues with the hotel are already known to us, so we get to see how, in the years that followed, they made it better together. This is, however a good sequel with lots of activity going on to keep it interesting. We’re involved in Sonny’s wedding and the problems of trying to grow the enterprise and his problems in trying to do both at the same time. Additionally there are side stories going on with each of the characters that makes it quite worthwhile. There are some of the greatest actors of all times in this film and the quality of their acting abilities also adds to the wonderfulness of this movie. I would definitely recommend you watch the original 2011 film first to get really familiar with the characters, and then watch this right after when you’re still familiar with it. That way it’s a seamless transition and that would be one hell of a double feature. I believe the first film was the better of the two, but that may be mostly because of the newness and uniqueness of the many characters, but this one is darn near as good, and certainly feels a lot more comfortable with the relationship we already have with the characters. I highly recommend both films.

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