Modoc Spring,

Mekhi Phifer, William Sadler, Sterling K. Brown, Derek Roché, James McCaffrey, Rebecca Creskoff, Lizzy DeClement, Bernadette Quigley, Luke Robertson, Marisa Brown

A small town sheriff and his deputies receive a call about the first ever bank robbery in this little town at the same time as a mysterious African-American stranger shows up in town. He has a rather combative attitude and is not helping himself very much with his wise-cracks and claims of racism. But he’s a black stranger in a white town. The suspect has a slew of secrets and is not very worried until his partner who is part of the plan does not show up when he’s supposed to. Things turn very deadly quite quickly and nothing is what it appears to be.

This is one of those hidden gem, indie movies with a really perplexing story. The subject is whether or not the town is racist, and if they treat a black suspect differently than a white one. But like an onion, you peel off layer by layer to find something else underneath. There is so many layers to this story, and it’s beautifully told. Not a mainstream movie by any means, but many reviews give away too many secrets, so I am purposefully keeping this as vague as possible. Essentially there are many tales to tell here, and everyone ends up taking a hard look at themselves. It’s excellent acted by a variety of very good actors who develop the characters very well. I think we have to give a great deal of credit to the screenwriters as well, as it’s a really good little script. Don’t judge the movie by police protocol and there are certain unbelievable elements to the story, and it depends a great deal on coincidence which is pretty far fetched, but there is more than one turn in this movie. I watched it streaming on NetFlix, but you can find this movie many places. It was well worth the time I spend on it. Most streaming movies at NetFlix are either very old classics or not too hot, but this was one that really sparked my interested. I found myself intrigued by the story, and though I didn’t expect a lot going in, I was really touched by the ending of this story. This is one I highly recommend for the classy way this story unfolds. Excellent job, guys.

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