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Melissa George, Liam Hemsworth, Rachael Carpani, Emma Lung, Michael Dorman, Henry Nixon, Joshua McIvor

Jess (Melissa George) is a single Mom with a special ed kid who, while taking her son to school, strikes a gull with her car and starts off a weird strange day. As she arrives at the marina to spend the day on a large sailboat with a group of friends, Jess has a strong feeling that something is seriously wrong. She is proved right when suddenly the wind drops off completely and then some very strange weather arrives capsizing their little boat. They are rescued by a large ship, but Jess has the weird feeling of deja vu, which is further complicated when a mysterious person tries to kill them one by one.

Triangle is truly a mind freak! There is no way to describe anything more than I have without giving away the story, but trust me, this is a twilight zone triple episode on steroids. Little by little we find out what is going on, only to learn that we don’t know anything at all. Dreams meld with fantasy, and nothing is like it seems.

This is a very terrifying horror film, and a supernatural scifi thriller, murder mystery, and much more all rolled up into 90 minutes. It’s a truly scary film, but also a very cerebral thriller. It’s pretty easy to follow, but hard to put the pieces together until the very end. I could easily draw comparisons to other films, but I won’t as that would give away too much of the story. But let me say that this is one film that I sat on the edge of my chair throughout every moment, never even putting the movie on pause to run and take care of some “personal business”. Needless to say, my back teeth were floating by the end of the movie, but I didn’t want to stop it, even for a minute. I was completely held by this film.

I must say when I started watching it, I expected a silly little B movie. It wasn’t. This was top notch. Great acting by the whole cast, beautiful cinematography, and a gripping story start to finish. I highly recommend this 2009 horror gem for anyone who likes strong mystery, supernatural, or horror films. It’s a rollercoaster ride for sure.

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