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Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman, Matthew Lillard, Robert Patrick, Scott Eastwood, Joe Massingill, Matt Bush, Chelcie Ross

Gus Lobel (Clint Eastwood) is a pro baseball scout. But his health is failing and his eyesight is getting very bad. Still he’s trying to get by for one last trip. His daughter (Amy Adams) tags along more to keep an eye on him than anything else. She’s a high powered lawyer, but her first love is baseball, and she’s still suffering some emotional damage from the death of her mother and the abandonment of her father through most of her youth. She’s after him to find out why he left her alone.

This is a really nice vehicle for Clint Eastwood. This is exactly the right kind of role for Clint, a crotchety mean old man. Amy is light and bubbly as his daughter, but she has to deal with a lot of issues. They are joined by a young scout and former baseball player played by Justin Timberlake who adds a bit of sanity to the group. Basically this is a good baseball film that has a lot of family relationship issues and great performances by Amy and Clint. I found this movie to be very interesting, and a good baseball movie at the same time. For the guys, the sports stuff is enough to keep it going, and it’s a bit like Moneyball in that respect. For the ladies, the interpersonal relationships between Clint and Amy, Amy and Justin, and all of them with John Goodman, and crusty executive who really likes Clint and Amy and want to give them their best shot to get back together again.

This is a very worthwhile film, and very enjoyable to watch. I would highly recommend this one, especially to Clint fans.

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