The Collective, Bloody Disgusting, 8383 Productions,

Lawrence Michael Levine, Kelsy Abbott, L.C. Holt, Adam Wingard, Hannah Hughes, Jay Saunders, Epy Kusnandar, Samantha Gracie

In the second edition of V/H/S a pair of private investigators are searching for a missing student. After breaking into his house, looking for clues, the run across a collection of VHS tapes that may hold the secret to the student’s disappearance. As the begin watching the tapes, we get to watch with them and witness the creepy things that took place in this sequel to the found footage first film.

This film is far better than the original, although it’s still not that great. At least the 5 episodes on this one has a common theme, and the film is a bit more creepy. It’s better done, and is actually watchable. The acting is better and the writing is better. There is hope for this concept! There are two versions of this film on the DVD, an R rated theatrical version, and an Unrated version. The difference is very minimal. In the most gory scenes, they chose to show some glitches, sputtering, and distortion to cover up the most gory parts, so there is really hardly an difference between the two. Certainly if you want to choose one of these two watch, V/H/S/2 is much more mature, scary, and watchable than V/H/S. Still not the greatest horror film out there, but if you, like me, are running low on new scary flicks to watch, this one is a lot better than the first, so I would recommend choosing this one. There is really no connection between the two films, so you wouldn’t miss anything by skipping the first one and starting out on this one. The concept (finding a stash of old VHS tapes) is the same, but otherwise, this is not a sequel.

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