Animal Logic, BBC Earth, BBC Worldwide,

John Leguizamo, Justin Long, Tiya Sircar, Skyler Stone, Charlie Rowe, Angourie Rice, Michael Leone

In a troubled time when volcanoes separated the kids from their family, a little dinosaur takes the lead to help his friends to safety and to avoid disaster. This lifelike 3D film gives the viewer the privilege to see what life is like in the days when dinosaurs ruled the world.

I believe this film relied on the 3-D gimmick to give viewers a thrill as they watched “The Land Before Time” with Pixar like 3-D animation actually in 3-D. It is a really neat technique, but I’m watching on a small screen TV in 2-D. Without the 3-D effect perhaps I missed a lot of the story. I found it to be a blatant ripoff of Little Foot’s movies. To further disrupt my attention on the movie, the dialog and voices were really childish and didn’t seem to fit at all. The story lagged a lot, and wasn’t very exciting. There is one demographic though that will love this movie. That would be very young kids, boys especially. There is an age around 5 or 6 where boys seem to get enamored with dinosaurs and they can’t get enough. At this point, they’re going to love this movie. It was really made for the young boys, and that bunch is going to be very pleased with it. Rent it for them, and let them watch to their heart’s content. But you probably won’t want to sit through it together. I think they were hoping the 3D trick would bring older folks with their kids and grandkids out to the theater in droves. That didn’t happen, so go ahead and get it for the dino fans under 12, but they probably have never seen “The Land Before Time” so perhaps you’ll want to rent that for them instead.

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