Belladonna Productions, Memento Films International, Uncorked Productions,

Bill Sage, Ambyr Childers, Julia Garner, Wyatt Russell, Nick Damici, Kelly McGillis, Jack Gore, Odeya Rush, Michael Parks, Annemarie Lawless

When Mrs. Parker suddenly turns up dead, the family decides to continue their long held tradition of eating human flesh. Papa Parker puts it upon his daughters to search for and prepare their “food” when the authorities start to suspect something isn’t right and start closing in on them. The children are forced to face their family traditions and determine whether to go along with Dad or not.

This is a very unusual horror film. It’s not really that superb, but it’s not completely awful either. I found that the subject matter was horribly gross, but yet it was not all that awful to watch. If a gore fest like this can be tastefully done, this is probably as good as that gets. There are some memorable scenes, like one in particular early on that takes place in the family cellar that is certainly one you won’t forget anytime soon. But the production values are low, it’s very low budget, but darn it, there are some really interesting parts. All in all, it’s just not up to snuff, but as a fan of horror films, I found myself watching the entire film, then the bonus features on the DVD that talk a lot about how it was made. To their credit, these folks had very little money to work with, and had to do with things as best they could, but they really love the genre and worked really hard to get this on film. So I have to give them credit for their devotion. It’s just hard for me to highly recommend a film with all the production problems that this one has. Now I found it way better than the latest Paranormal Activity:The Marked ones with it’s shaky cam found footage garbage. This is a real movie with actual photography being used. But fans of slick looking high budget horror just isn’t likely to enjoy this. I found myself on the fence and decided to ride on the fence. If you love horror, and are looking for a new viewpoint but don’t mind the low production values, then you’ll probably enjoy this as I did. But if you like production value in your films, then you’ll probably be disappointed. Watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

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