Salt Company International, The, Pimienta, 120dB Films,

Adam Brody, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Rob Huebel, Kristen Schaal, Megan Boone, Eric Edelstein, Dennis Haysbert

When the team from the office is sent to a team building exercise on a deserted island, things go horribly awry. The team breaks into two groups who declare war on each other. Led by a shady survival expert played by Jean-Claude Van Damme, who turns out to be no help at all, the office workers have to find their own methods to survive until help can come.

This is a rather slapstick comedy. It’s reminiscent of the Scream or Naked Gun movies where most of the humor is full of puns and lowbrow humor, but Jean-Claude’s character is a hoot. The big rivalry in the office ends up being magnified many times in the jungle as one team takes the right way, while the other takes the lazy way out. It all falls apart pretty quickly. All the usual ethnic jokes prevail, and the humor is rather juvenile, but I do enjoy these kinds of movies from time to time. This is truly brainless, and a complete waste of time, except for the doggone humor. This is a great diversion, and if you are looking for chuckles, Harold and Kumar style, this is a great movie to lift your spirits. Everything that can go wrong, does, and it’s hysterical.

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