Rommel Film, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF),

Carla Juri, Christoph Letkowski, Marlen Kruse

Helen (Carla Juri)is an unflinching young woman with hemorrhoids. Her Mom is a bit over protective, so she’s rebelled and has no respect for normal things like hygiene. She also has no inhibitions. When she ends up in the hospital for surgery due to a bad shaving accident, she take a liking to male nurse Robin (Christoph Letkowski) she tortures him all the while flirting with him with improper questions and discussions, and entertains him with her raunchy stories whether real or fantasy. Yes, Helen is certainly a strange young lady.

This is a German film, and the audio is in German with English subtitles. This is a challenge for some people. I have not viewed so many German films, and this one is a bit of a stunner. European films (and TV) have a lot more guts than we do, and they jump into subjects that are really taboo here in the states. They do love to laugh at our “Puritanical” takes on sex and other adult subjects. This film is in your face like a typical European film, they don’t hold back, but it’s more a gross out film than a sexy film, so don’t look to it for that kind of stuff. This is based on a book, and Helen narrates the story from start to finish. Helen is an outsider and she has no fear. Her relationship with a best friend and neighbor Corinna is in your face as well. Corinna is definitely repressed, and Helen spares her no mercy in that department. But the bigger story is Helen’s loneliness and unhappiness that she overcomes by acting out. She’s not such a bad girl, really but crying out for what she needs. It was a different experience watching this. I guess I tend often to listen to movies more than “WATCH” them, and with the subtitles, I had to watch every scene or miss the lines. My German is pretty weak at this point, nicht wahr? So I may have caught a lot more out of this film that I would if it had been in English because off the need to read the screen. The story is intense, I liked the ending, although some may call it abrupt, but I’ve seen too many films that leave you hanging, so I’m glad to see a resolution in this one. Essentially, this is a straight in your face drama of a young woman facing her issues and making bad choices time after time while struggling to find something worthwhile. I felt it was worth my effort to watch this, but please remember that you have to read the subtitles.

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