Xanthus Pictures, Yale Productions, David Frigerio Films,

Aaron Paul, Scoot McNairy, Mike Erwin, Cameron Richardson, Kelly Kruger, Ruthanne Gibson

Four friends are driving along a lonely road when their car breaks down. There is no one around for miles, and an abandoned junkyard is just down the road, so they decided to head off there to find a fan belt that will fit their car. But there’s something strange about this old junkyard, not to mention an escaped convict in the area. This could end up being a long, long night.

This is your standard horror film, but it’s actually a pretty good one, as they go. The suspense is real and non-stop. The funny sheriff buddies are here, as well as a slew of possible killers. Until the very end, you’re not sure who the real bad guy is. The action is non-stop and the blood and guts factor is pretty good. This is a decent horror film. Nothing more, nothing less. Just straight to the juggler. The junkyard setting is perfect, and the chills are throughout. This is a good film that you’ve probably not seen for scare season, and not a bad job for a real B movie. This is late night chiller theater stuff, for sure. Nice job guys!

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