Guerilla Films,

Jay Gallagher, Bianca Bradey, Leon Burchill, Keith Agius, Luke McKenzie, Berynn Schwerdt, Catherine Terracini, Yure Covich

Barry’s (Jay Gallagher) turns to crap all in one day when the zombie apocalypse breaks out in the Australian bush. Barry’s sister Brooke (Bianca Bradley) has been kidnapped by a bunch of mask wearing military guys who are experimenting on her to find out why the virus doesn’t attack her. They found a hint of a certain secret that makes you immune to the disease, even if you are bitten by the devils. There are some other secrets too in fighting them that they find out along the way as Barry teams up with Benjamin (Leon Burchill) to fight their way through the hundreds of Zombies to try to rescue Brooke and put an end to epidemic.

This is an Australian film, and they did give it a go, I say. The actors worked very hard to try to pull this off, and they really gave their all to the project. Bianca was very nearly killed when a stunt went awry and she was very near a goner, but for a bit of luck. But the desire of the cast is not enough to make it a great movie, and there are some major flaws here. First off, the CGI was a joke. The zombies themselves were terrible. It looks like they went through an assembly line to turn out exactly the same zombie over and over again. The script is lacking and it’s basically pointless with hardly anything to liven things up. They seem to have taken a “lets make a zombie movie” and just run with it without much thought. As a result, they ended up with a really mediocre horror film that is just not worthy. Granted, this is a streaming movie and will likely be on demand and on cable TV as well as on Amazon and Netflix, but unless you are a major zombie fan who has seen every zombie movie and is completely caught up on Walking Dead and waiting for the new season, I’d recommend steering away from this one. Even if you’re a horror fan, this isn’t that frightening, just very predictable. I would skip it unless you fit into the zombie lovers society that I mentioned before. Otherwise you’ll probably be disappointed, as I was. I can give the actors an A for effort, but the rest of the crew is a bust.

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