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Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, David Hasselhoff, Ryan Newman, Gary Busey, Tommy Davidson, Imani Hakim, Cody Linley, Masiela Lusha, Cheryl Tiegs, Cynthia Bailey, Gena Lee Nolin

After Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No ripped up the East Coast with savage wrath, it has been quiet for 5 years. But suddenly “nadoes” are popping up all over the place. There are numerous kinds of storms, sandnadoes, oilnadoes, and more, that are difficult to deal with, but the worst is the nuclear nado that is not able to be stopped with the normal tools, so the world again calls on Flynn to work with his family to quell the giant storm. The whole gang is back in this fourth installment.

Ok, perhaps SyFy doesn’t have a LOT going on, but this Sharknado thing is starting to get old. But, hey, it’s still fun to drag out all the big stars like Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, David Hasselhoff, Gary Busey, and so on, and spend a couple wasted hours watching TV. The story is getting really thin, though, although there are some pretty decent one liners, mostly taking shots at the silliness of itself. The truth is that these folks all realize they are in a campy movie, and the run with it. We feel a little like we’re in on the joke, and as a viewer, you can feel free to take some crack shots too. Everybody realizes this is not Shakespeare, so just enjoy it. I can’t blame you for passing this up, as it is amazingly stupid, but on the other hand, you shouldn’t feel bad if you want to be in on the party, as it’s harmless fun.

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