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Brian Geraghty, Rachel Blanchard, Anna Paquin, Stephen Meyer, Tricia Heffer, Gabrield Olds, Jessica Collins, Larry Sullivan, Ryan March, Kris Wheeler, Mia Riverton, Haja Hill, Gerald Downey, Eddie Martinez, Magda Rivera

Open House is a solid horror thriller.  Not very huge budget, no real blockbuster stars, but very, very creepy.  A couple is in the midst of a divorce and the wife has decided to sell the house.  She’s trying hard to dump it and holds an open house to show the place off.  One of the couples who come to the open house never leave.  Next thing you know Alice (the wife) is being held in a crawl space in the basement.

Both these people are nuts, but the crazy guy is keeping Alice alive for his own purposes, so not only does he have to keep anyone else from seeing her, but he has to keep his partner in the dark as well.

Alice does all she can to try to escape, and typical of this genre, close call after close call keeps the heat on throughout.

There are certainly lots of horrifying parts, and lots of gore.  But this one is much worse because of the suspense.  In between the catch and kill games, there is still Alice locked in the basement, beaten, starved, and forced to keep quiet.

This is a cat and mouse movie from start to finish.  Will these evil house grabbers get away with it, or will they get it in the end.  Up until the last moment, you’re not really sure, and the suspense never lets up.

Plus points for the suspense, the clever premise, and a pretty decent execution of the well written story.  A few minus points for the low budget, cheap effects, and lack of any really great standout performances.

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