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Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve

Three and a half Stars

Superbad or American Pie it’s not!  This is not all a raunchy teenage sex comedy.  It’s more of a simple romantic love story.  Oh yeah, it’s got a couple scenes that could fall into that category, but it’s much more The Wedding Singer than it is Porky’s.

This effort is to find out why people might date someone more than two points above or below them on the hot scale.   If you’re a six, you can date a 5 or a 7, but you must never jump 2 points or more on the scale or it will be disaster.

There are so many truths in this movie.  The hot chick dates an ordinary guy because he’s safe.  The loser girlfriend who dumped her guy to “move up” finds he’s very attractive once he’s with someone else.   Typical story, get the girl, can’t believe it, screw it up, decide she’s worth it but it’s too late, and go chase her down at the last moment.  These have been done before, but still it’s a cute, harmless, heartwarming film.

This is a date movie.    Don’t go into it expecting more.  But also be aware that the language is pretty hash, so if you get offended by naughty words, this one will make you mad. But if you go in with low expectations, some popcorn, and someone to cuddle with, you’ll probably enjoy some laughs.

P.S.  This was filmed in Pittsburgh, so if you’re from “The Burgh” you’re going to enjoy the scenery!!

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