Silver Nitrate

Bryan Callen, Noureen DeWulf, Mircea Monroe, Steve Glickman, Austin Michael Scott

Either you like these kind of movies, or you don’t.  If you do, this is just like the rest.  It takes on a lot of the latest movies, and the actors and impersonators are pretty much right on!   Exactly the same kind of jokes as all the rest, fart jokes, bathroom humor, even a tribute to the orginal American Pie!  Yoda’s here, Dr Phil, lots of others.

This one hits on a few of the cylinders, especially if you know all they movies they parody.  But it’s not as good as many of the others that have been out over the years.

I say,  “Eh”.  That’s about it.  If you’re a fan of these parody movies, then go for it.  If you’re easily offended, this is wall to wall offense!   Eh. Nah.

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