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Patricia Neal, Richard Thomas, Edgar Bergen, Ellen Corby

It’s the 1930’s and it’s Christmas Eve. The Waltons are up on Walton’s Mountain preparing for Christmas. Father has been working in the city over 50 miles away and is due to arrive home any moment to bring his pay to provide a Christmas for the children. It’s late, and everyone is worried, when the news on the radio of an overturned bus and injuries to the travelers is overheard by the adults, they decide to hide it from the children so they won’t worry. But as it gets later and later, eventually they have to tell John Boy, the oldest son, who sets off to find his fathers.

This TV Movie from 1971 is the introduction to what became The Waltons TV series that was a staple on television for many years, and spawned several reunion films. It’s a heartwarming story, and full of traditional family values. For anyone not familiar with The Waltons, it’s a story of a poor depression era family and their trials and tribulations along with the love and respect they all have for their extended family. At a time when charity was a sign of weakness, families stuck together to survive.

Since I haven’t seen this film in 40 years, and since it’s never been reviewed for my Christmas on TV Project, I saw it coming up on TV this year and figured I just had to watch it. I’m really glad I did. This is a lot better than any of the reunion movies, and though some of the cast in this movie were replaced, when the series started on TV, the majority of the cast is the same, and it is like visiting old friends. This certainly was one of the best TV series ever done, and this film certainly does it justice. This is a great way to introduce the young folk to traditional American life back in the day! A very worthwhile film.

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