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Kristin Sewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Bryce Dallas Howard

Three and a half Stars

The third installment of the Twilight Saga has been out.  The wifey wanted to see it, so off we went.  Well, I was impressed by the first film, and disappointed in the second.  This one was much better.  There was some real action in this movie, and the story moved along.  Victoria finally made it clear what she’s really up to, and a tentative and fragile truce between Team Edward and Team Jacob seems to be holding a bit.  Bella still can’t make up her mind, and it makes it clear why there’s no Team Bella.  Because Bella is annoying and turns everybody off.  The only one more annoying is Bella’s Dad, but he’s not important anyway.

I started out after Part Two as a Team Edward fan, but I think I just switched.  Jacob has much more to offer Bella, and he’ll take care of her.  I don’t trust Edward.  But that’s just me.   I did notice that the Team Edward T-shirts were on sale at the theater for $5.00, but there were no Team Jacob shirts to be had at any price.  But that could be because the Jacob fans don’t wear shirts, I’m not sure.

Ok, so it wasn’t great or anything, but it was decent, and a darn site better than the last one.  It was worth it to watch it in a theater filled with people to see their reaction to some of the classic lines.  I don’t know if Bella is ever going to make up her mind or not, but it doesn’t really matter at this point.  As long as someone kicks Jane (Dakota Fanning) in the backside.  That girl deserves it!   Guess I’ll have to stick around for the next one to see if someone finally does.

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