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Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, Odette Yustman, Victor Garber, Betty White, James Wolk, Krisin Chenoweth, Sean Wing, Kyle Burnheimer, Billy Unger

This is a very funny movie. 

One of the reasons to attend your high school reunion is to see old friends.  Ok, no it’s not.  It’s to watch the train wrecks and disasters of those who were so popular in high school.  It’s to see the babes that turned into dogs and the dogs that turned into babes.  Well, when you grow up in a small town, as I did, you know everybody.  Go back to visit 30 years later, and attend a high school football game, as I did, and you find the same names being called out on the P.A. system.  Everyone is that guys son, or that girl’s daughter.

But this poor girl was invisible in high school.  And through flashbacks, we get to see how hard high school was for her.  Finally out of school, she went to college, worked hard, and found a great job!  Then word comes that her big brother is getting married.  But when she finds out who, she finds it’s the one who bullied and tortured her the most.

Home for the wedding, suddenly you’re a little kid again, and facing the same challenges you threw away.  Lucky Mom has some good advice.  That is until she finds out that her new daughter in law’s only family is her former best friend who had a major falling out in High School too.

Then there’s Victor Garber, as the dad who has no clue what the heck is going on and why the whole thing is falling apart.  No help there, and Grandma Bunny? (Betty White)  She’s got tons of issues on her own.

So things go from bad to worse, and some of the best physical comedy in a long time happens.  Hilarity ensues, and everyone learns to “just get along!”

Everyone in the theater seems to be laughing along, and it was really an enjoyable evening.  Total relaxation, and forgetting all your problems while watching the poor folks was easy.  I’d highly recommend this movie as one everyone is going to like from the kids – to the grandparents, and everywhere in between.  Good film.

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