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Amy Smart, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jayne Eastwood, Benjamin Ayres, Richard Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Kydd, Alexander De Jordy, Stephan James, Joe MacLeod

Kate Stanton (Amy Smart) is a single girl in the city facing a really hard day. Her step mom who she just doesn’t like, has set her up with a blind date, Miles Dufine (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) whom she knows is going to suck, but has just learned that her ex-boyfriend who she still plans to get back again, Jack Evans (Benjamin Ayers) is back in town and she’s waiting for a call from him to try to win him back. Unfortunately things go badly, and to her surprise, she wakes up on the floor of the department store and it’s Christmas Eve again. Every night at midnight time goes back again, and she wakes on the same floor of the department store to live Christmas Eve all over again until she gets it right.

Yes, this is a worn out premise. There have been many “relive the day till you get it right movies” most prominently being “Groundhog Day”. It seems there are only half a dozen Christmas stories anyway, and they all borrow from these themes. But I was really pleasantly surprised with this one. It was great to see how Zack from “Saved by the Bell” turned out. I knew it was him the moment he stepped into the frame. Amy Smart is a great actress and this role is just simply perfect for her. The thing I think that impressed me most about this was the relationships though between Kate and her Dad and Step-Mom, and the great way they deal with their differences. It was not corny or too over the top as these kind of movies tend to get. This one is really interesting all the way through, and had a lot of new ideas on the subject of how to make it a great day for everyone. There are so many external characters in Kate’s life that she didn’t even notice, and that’s one of the things that made this film interesting. It seems that each pass through the day and dates of Christmas Eve show us new characters and situations that make it never grow tiresome. I really enjoyed this movie, and suggest you look for it if you’re a fan of Christmas movies. It’s available on to stream from a number of sites, including NetFlix, and well worth seeking out.

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