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Doris Roberts, Tom Butler, Eric Johnson, Lauren Holly,  Patricia Mayen-Salazar, Jewel Staite

Doris Roberts returns as Mrs Merkel (Miracle) in this new holiday film.  (See: Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle).  This time she shows up as an “employee” of a struggling department store (Finley’s) managed by a grumpy old widower and assisted by his son.  Trouble is H.R. has no record of her, but every time someone asks about it, she gets them off on a different tangent.  There is no more employee Christmas party since his wife died on Christmas Eve, and J.R. Finley and his son head for a “vacation” in Tahiti every Christmas as a way to escape facing Christmas.   Jake (Eric Johnson) has big ideas on how to improve the store, but he and his Dad come to butt heads on whether or not it was a mistake to not buy the “hot” toy for their store this Christmas.  Jake agrees to resign if the toy department, which he runs, does not sell out.  Meanwhile Lindy Lowe (Lauren Holly) is watching the son of her brother who has been sent back to the middle east in the service.  She’s an up and coming fashion designer working for a true Cruella DeVille like boss.  Mrs. Miracle sets out to bring Jake and Lindy together, help the store and the employees and lots of other “miracles” before Christmas.

I enjoyed this new film very much.  It was better, I think, that the original film, and was very interesting to watch.  Doris Roberts was much better in the role this time, and was really likable as the friendly “unearthly” messenger who helps everyone in her path.  Very nice job and a special holiday film for the Christmases yet to come!

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