Alberta Film Entertainment, Hand Cuff Productions

Melissa Joan Hart, Mario Lopz, Timothy Bottoms, Markie Post, June Lockhart, Kyle Howard, Vanessa Lee Evigan, Gabrielle Miller, Layla Alizada

This 2007 made for TV Christmas Story is quite amusing and unique.  Trudie Chandler (Melissa Joan Hart) is having a bad dad.  She’s a struggling artist who’s was working as a waitress to survive.  She’s putting up with lots of pressure from the parents to find a guy and settle down.  Well, they’ve planned a family holiday way off in the woods in a nice little cabin with no phones and no outside connections.  Trudie’s supposed to be coming with her boyfriend, but when he breaks up with her, and she gets fired, she goes a little bit crazy.  About that time,  David (Mario Lopez) shows up and she goes off the deep end and kidnaps him, handcuffs him, and shows up to the family vacation with a hostage.

The situation is funny enough, but the rest of the family also melts down as time goes on.  Trudie is trying to be perfect, but she finds out everybody has problems not only her.   June Lockhart appears as Grandma, and is exceptionally funny.   But the story also has a lot of heart as well.  They’re nice people aside from their quirks an flaws.  This is a really nice little story and very interesting to watch.  I would recommend it as a nice little diversion, as it’s nice to see someone else with bigger problems that we all have for a change!

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