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Jaclyn Smith, Art Carney, Paul LeMat, Mason Adams, June Lockhart, Paul Williams, Scott Grimes, Laura Jacoby

This is an old movie, and it really shows it’s age, but that’s some of the charm of this film.  They went way overboard with the technology available for a TV movie from 1984 to show a charming North Pole City!  Having Art Carney as Santa and June Cartwright as Mrs. Claus is awesome.   The story surrounds an oil drilling company in the far north searching for oil at two sites.  The first has come up dry, so they are ready to move on to the second site.  But in order to break up the ice, they need to set off large amounts of dynamite which is destroying North Pole City.   Santa send off his elves to bring the family to North Pole City to convince him that Santa is real and that Christmas is in danger.

Yes, it’s corny, and it’s tacky, but that’s the charm of it.  If you lived through the times when this movie was made, then it’s going to make you very nostalgic.  If you don’t have the fondness for the earlier times, you’ll probably think it’s cheesy and hate it.   So you choice of whether to catch this one or not is basically whether you’re interested in the nostalgia of Christmas Past.

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