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Rick Roberts, Gage Munroe, Rebecca Williams, R.D. Reid, Jordan Prentice

How come Santa never crashes into my house.  Oh well, at least he did crash into this house.   See, due to a calendar mishap, Santa takes off a day early and everybody knows Santa’s powers only work on Christmas Eve and no other day.   There are other troubles too.  For one, Santa lost his memory and can’t remember who he is.  Also he’s lost his magic pack (you know, the one slung over his back just like a peddler).  The folks at the Toys for Tots team found it, and every time the take a toy out, another one appears.  They thought someone brought it and dropped the bag off as a donation, but there are just TOO many toys!

So now everyone is trying to figure out how to bring Santa’s memory back.  Nothing seems to work.  Apparently the writers never saw one of the old comedy films where you just whack him in the head with a board or a brick and the memory magically returns.

This is a brand new TV movie for Hallmark this season (2010).   Every  year there are a few new ones, and this is for Christmas 2010)  The weakest thing may be the poor guy who plays Santa.  I say poor guy because he seems like a really nice man, but Santa he isn’t.  The accent is annoying (whether it’s real or fake) and he’s way too skinny (despite the fact that he eats tons of sugar in his coffee).  Even Leslie Neilsen did a far better job of Santa in the pretty weak “Santa Who?”  Every time I see Neilsen it makes me think of Frank Drebin (Police Squad) or Airplane.  “It’s a big brick building full of beds and patients, but that’s not important right now”.  But I digress.

Lucky for Santa, he arrived at a dysfunctional family with all kinds of bad dynamics.  Mom and Dad are both too busy wrapped up their own lives to pay attention to their kids. This gives Santa a chance to deal with their problems before he finds his own memory back.  But if Santa doesn’t make it back to the North Pole in time, Christmas will be ruined.

This one is not an instant classic.  It’s a decent, but is a little slow.  There’s not a great story going on here.  There are funny things going on, but it’s just got enough going on to make it.  Searching for the Lost Ark is a lot more interesting than searching for the lost bag.   But it’s new, and you haven’t seen it before.  So if you want something new to see, this isn’t the worst thing on TV.

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