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Flavorlab, Hartbreak Films, Synthetic Cinema International,

Barry Watson, Melissa Joan Hart, Jaleel White, John Ratzenberger, Wendy Williams, Alimi Ballard

Nick DeMarco (Barry Watson) is just out of jail and looking for a job. His sister (Melissa Joan Hart) is helping him by setting up with a job as the Santa at the local mall, but when Nick promises a little boy that he will bring his father home for Christmas, Nick decides he must find the family involved and use every trick in the book to get them back together to fulfill Santa’s promise. But when it comes time for Dad to come back home, Nick is not so sure he wants to complete his assignment anymore.

This is one of those group of “bad guy has a change of heart, but can’t help himself” stories. Mellisa Joan Hart is all over this project, but her role in the movie is not real big. But she’s really busy producing and directing this Lifetime film. She did a decent job, but I was not really blown away by the acting in this film Nick was a bit too flippant and came off as a jack ass most of the time. When it comes time for him to be a good guy, he just didn’t have the chops to make us believe him fully. Most of the other characters are pretty one dimensional and not very interesting. The absurd reason Nick uses to hang around the house of this single Mom and her little boy is so far fetched that I wanted to call the plot police to haul him back to jail. True his lies roll off the tongue very smoothly, I don’t there there is a desperate housewife anywhere on the planet that would buy any of his crap. It is certainly not a horrible movie by any means, but I was so put off by the flaws in the story and the storytelling that it just didn’t move me much.

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