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Shiri Appleby, Will Kemp, Elizabeth Mitchell, Judd Nelson, A. J. Langer, Hannah Marks, Michael James-Olsen, Debby Ryan, Courtney Henggeler, Deniz Akdeniz

Kristen (Shiri Appleby)’s life has not worked out as well as she planned. She’s alone in the city and falls asleep on Christmas Eve, and wakes up in her bed at home 17 years in the past. The hard part is though, that her 17 year old self (Hannah Marks) is also there with her giving them both a fright. They make up a story so she can stay, and she decides to spend the time trying to convince 17 year old Kristen to make different decisions so that their life in the future will be better. Of course, you can’t tell a 17 year old anything. Krisin and her mother hit it off pretty well as the agree pretty much on everything, but 17 year old Kristen doesn’t want to listen to either of them.

This was a rather unusual story. They typical back to the future movie doesn’t have to deal with someone interacting with their younger self. That’s what made this film rather interesting. Lifetime did a good job in bringing a rather unique approach to the story. You will really like both Kristen’s and at the same time, you probably won’t be able to pick a favorite. It was a refreshing story and one that is out of the ordinary. I enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised. I think you will enjoy this one.

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