The Asylum,

Danica McKellar, Dustin Milligan, Scott Patterson, Brian Huskey, Alexandra Paul, Lea Thompson

Kat (Danica McKellar and Sam (Dustin Milligan) grew up together. Every Christmas they shared a place at the children’s table at Christmas. As they passed through the teen years, they stayed close friends, but when Sam finds the love of his life, Kat is devastated on the inside, but neither wants to admit how they really feel about each other. In this new Christmas Romance we get to revisit the pair each year at Christmas time.

Everybody remembers Danica as every guy’s first love, Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years. She’s still as pretty as ever, and a very good actress, though she doesn’t appear as often as we’d all like. So seeing her in this new Lifetime Christmas movie is a real treat. It’s an enjoyable film, very cute and very Christmassy. The locations are very good, and the soundtrack is decent, and the acting is great, so it’s a winner. Probably not a classic for years to come, this is not Miracle on 34th Street, but it’s a enjoyable time waster. Watch for this premier this year on LifeTime, and watch the sparks fly!

The home page for this Lifetime Movie is here.

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