** Santa Jr. (2002)

Alpine Productions, Hallmark, Larry Levinson Productions

Lauren Holly, Judd Nelson, Nick Stabile, George Wallace, Ed Gale, Rodger Bumpass, Diane Robin, Jaime Gomez

This is a disaster of a little Christmas film.  It’s about how Santa farms out some of the work to make it easier.  Santa Jr. gets assigned to San Diego.  But he gets busted for breaking and entering while delivering presents and sent to jail.  He befriends the public center who helps him, so she uses her address for his home, and when he is sentenced to home confinement, he has to stay at her house.   Then the question is whether or not he’ll be free in enough time to deliver his presents.

There’s just not much going on in this film.  They try hard to make it interesting, but it’s impossible to have any feeling for these characters.  Santa Jr. has doesn’t know if he believes or not, and his elf companion is mostly a bumbling fool, trying to hide the whole debacle from the big guy.  As it is, there is escapes and chases and bumbling around all over San Diego until Nick Jr. decides to get his Christmas spirit back.  By the time he does, we’ve completely lost interest.   This is not a good movie.  It’s just plain boring.

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