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Steve Guttenberg, Crystal Bernard, Domenic Scott Kay, Thomas Clabro, Armin Shimerman, Sebastian Tillinger, Wendy Braun

Steve Guttenberg (Nick) is Santa’s son, and he’s next in line for the job.  This HAS to be San’ta’s l;ast year as he’s way over retirement age.  Unfortunately Santa HAS to have a Mrs. Clause as she is the “heart of the season”.  Nick has been looking, but the right girl has just not shown up yet.  So Santa’s helpers have come up with a list of women who fit the bill.  But Nick wants nothing to do with it.  Fate has some surprises though as Nick meets Beth (Crystal Bernard)  and falls for her madly.  But there is one huge problem.  Beth is NOT a believer, and that’s a must.  The only chance Nick has is to find out why she’s a non-believer and to try to change her mind.

This is a sweet story and should not be nearly as good as it is.  It’s not the most heartfelt Christmas story, but the relationships between Nick and Beth, and Nick and Beth’s son Jake (Domenic Scott Kay) is really good.  The feelings are real.  Weaknesses, well yeah, there are a few.  Steve Guttenberg is a little to Police Academy for me to accept his as the new Santa.  He tries, but even the stumbling blocks in the way (for example, a video game that is too harsh and evil for kids) are removed with a line or two of Steve’s boyish charm.   Though I like Steve, I don’t think he’s the right guy for the role.  I hope he can can win Beth over, as she’s probably the perfect girl to settle him down and make him into a decent Santa.

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