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George Hamilton, Brooke Nevin, Donna Mills, Adrienne Carter, Michael Gelbart, Barclay Hope, Ryan McDonell, Adam Harrington, Ingrid Torrance

Lindsay Dearborn (Brooke Nevin) is sixteen and so bored with the whole Christmas with the family thing.  She wants to go on a skiing trip for the holidays where a very cute guy she’s into is going to be.  Her parents refuse and insist she is going to be home for Christmas so Lindsay has decided to go anyway without her dad’s permission.  But something her mother says about how she has never done anything for anyone but herself makes her feel bad, so she visits the mall Santa that she insulted earlier to make it up and finds out things aren’t going so well with Mrs. Claus.  So she decides to give Santa a makeover.  A haircut and a shave makes him suddenly leatherly tanned.  In fact, Santa looks a lot like George Hamilton.  She takes him to the store to buy a new suit and to the gym to get in shape.

This is one of the worst Christmas films I’ve seen all year.  It wasn’t even cool in 2004!   Santa and Lindsay fly house to house in a red convertible, while he tries to win over Lindsay.   And as time passes, the movie gets more and move silly and move and more predictable.  The mall guards are psychopaths and ought to be locked up.   All in all, Santa running around in a dress suit with dyed hair and refusing cookies is pretty silly, but the flying car and the “I can speak perfect Japanese if I just pull my left ear 4 times” is REALLY silly.

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