Chesler/Perlmutter Productions,

Brooke Nevin, Robin Dunne, Dani Kind, Geri Hall, Alan C. Peterson, Greg Hovanessian,Tess Degenstein, Don Allison, Scott Cavalheiro, Eva Greig, Daniel Kash

Maggie (Brooke Nevin) is an assistant at her college radio station where the DJ is Mitch O’Grady (Robin Dunne). When she misses her ride home for Christmas Mitch gives her a ride, but the storm is so bad they can’t get through so since Mitch loves Christmas so much and Maggie is so sad, he decides to stop and provide her the best Christmas ever with a toboggan ride and all. After Christmas, Mitch does not return and Maggie doesn’t know what happened to him, but later he turns up on the radio in her home town. Maggie is a reporter and a writer for the newspaper, but Mitch really has completely lost the Christmas spirit, so Maggie sets on a plan to send him one gift anonymously every day for 12 days in order to help him regain his love of Christmas.

Well, finally a little Christmas film with a new twist. We’ve seen someone searching for a missing person, or someone trying to get home for the holidays, but in this film Mitch is the one who has no idea who his anonymous gift giver is. He is intrigues by who keeps sending him the gifts, and enjoys opening each one and reading the note on the air. In the end, of course, we’ll eventually find out what happened to Mitch to turn him so sour on the holidays and the two start a budding romance for the new year. This was a very light and fun Christmas film without a lot of action and drama. It’s enjoyable and kind of fun to just relax and watch. You won’t burn out too many brain cells trying to follow this film, and it’s a great little film to watch while fixing dinner or wrapping presents, or as a sound track to any number of other holiday activities. Not a bad film after all.

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