** The Christmas Cure

The Hallmark Channel,

Brooke Nevin, Steve Byers, Patrick Duffy, Kathleen Laskey, Dale Whibley, Jocelyn Hudon, Pip Dwyer, Charlie Boyle, Pam Hyatt, Vanessa Burns, Conrad Coates

Vanessa Turner (Brooke Nevin) is a doctor in the city. She grew up with her Dad, Bruce Turner (Patrick Duffy) who is a beloved family doctor in a small town, and it was always her dream to be a doctor like her father and is living her dream. For years she has tried to go back home for Christmas, but her rotation at the hospital would never allow her to get away, but this year is her turn, so she anxiously heads home. When she gets home, her Father and Mother tell her why they were so anxious to have her home. He is about to retire and close the clinic just after the holidays. So Vanessa determines she wants to spend her vacation helping her Father and working beside him for the last days of the clinic. But as she becomes reacquainted with her High School Sweetheart, Mitch (Steve Myers), she finds her place in the small town and has to decide whether to throw away all her dreams and stay home and take over her father’s practice, or to live the life in the city she always wanted.

This was a really sweet little film. Not so much about the romance, but a look at a loving family and how they manage to love and support each other to work thorugh the issues that arrive in every day life. There’s not great conflict here, but simply a really festive and beautiful location, and a number of wonderful characters really playing their parts to he hilt. I really found myself enjoying this film, and found it really enjoyable from start to finish, mostly because I really liked the characters. This is a festive film portraying a really wonderful small town Christmas, and I was really impressed with this one and recommend it for your holiday viewing.

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