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Mary Ashton, Kyle Buchanan, Candace Cameron Bure, Christianna Dupas, Meghan Heffern, Oliver Hudson, Adam Hurtig, Michael Kaplan, Doug Murray, Brooke Nevin, Claire Rankin, Tom Skerritt, Gwynyth Walsh

Nurse Hanna (Candace Cameros Bure) works in a little hospital in a small town. She is spending her first Christmas without her husband in 1946 when he was lost in France in World War II. She is feeling really down, spending Christmas all alone. She finds a stray dog and heads out on a stormy night to return him to his owner, when she gets stuck and takes refuge in a small shed. When she awakens she is in 2016 and has traveled forward in time. Lost and confused, she is picked up the local police, but rather than locking her up, Jake (Oliver Hudson), one of the cops, decides to take her home to his Mother’s home to figure it out. It’s up to him, since no one else trusts her, to help her learn the truth about what happened to her in this Hallmark Christmas Mystery film premiering in 2016

Candace is one of the staples, dare I say the Queen, of Hallmark Christmas movies. I look forward to her entry every year. The last several years they have been very good. This year I was just a tiny bit disappointed. It just didn’t quite resonate the season as much as the others. The time travel thing is very, very well done, and the mystery of who and what and how, is very well done, and don’t get me wrong, this is an excellent film. It’s just that widow Hanna in 2016 is just not as heartwarming as her characters usually are. Oliver Hudson is good as the very nice guy little town policeman, and Jiminy Cricket for Hanna. The setting is very festive, and the small town setting is perfvect for a Christmas Story. This is a winner, and a very strong contender for the best of the 2016 class of Holiday Films. Watch for this one.

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