** Christmas List

Kaufman/Plager Productions,

Alicia Witt, Gabriel Hogan, Peter Benson, Lina Renna, Christian Convery, Gelsea Mae, Chance Hurstfield, Trinity King

Isobel Gray (Witt) decides that spending the holidays in Hawaii like they had planned is not going to cut it. She was raised by a Mom who insisted on fake trees, tasteful decorations, and on a whim, Isobel Googles “Perfect Christmas Town” and finds a town in the Northwest that is a perfect place for her and her boyfriend to spend Christmas. But he is really busy with work and unable to go with her, but he’s planning on showing up on Christmas Eve. So she composes a Christmas Bucket List of things that she has always wanted to do for the holidays and sets to crossing the items off one by one. But finding it hard to be merry on her own, and not knowing a lot about the place, her encounter with a new guy sets off a forbidden romance, no matter how hard she resists. When her boyfriend shows up, she’s gonna have a lot of explaining to do.

This is another perfect setting for a Holiday Hallmark Premier for 2016 and Alicia Witt is one of my favorite Christmas movie actresses. She is such a goodhearted person who plays the naive wide eyed innocence girl so well. This is a fun and light holiday romance that is a step above most of them. Though other premiers are making more waves this year, this was a really nice little film that makes you realize that the holidays are not a destination, but a feeling in your heart. There is more to enjoying the season than making lists and checking them twice. Leave that for the Big Red Guy. No magical wishes or mysterious characters here, just a really sweet holiday romance that will leave you with a really good feeling.

Here is the Hallmark Channel web page for Christmas List.

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